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Louisiana, Missouri

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Simply Positive Play was first created and Implemented in founder Jennifer Ilardi's hometown of Louisiana, Missouri. More specifically, it started in her parents' driveway. 

Currently the Twin Pike Family YMCA has collaborated with Simple Positive Play to help provide more access to art supplies, science and engineering toys and space to be creative at no cost to the families who attend.   

Simple Positive Play has already collaborated with many organizations in order to contribute to previously established organizations who want to enhance community offerings. In the past we’ve worked with a local artist, Kristen Powers, to provide more artistic opportunities to families in the community at no cost.


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Florissant Food Truck Knights

Simple Positive Play has helped to provide kid-friendly activities at the Florissant Food Truck Knights.

The Florissant Knights of Columbus host food truck events that are wildly popular within the community. Although there is entertainment in the form of a stage with talented musical performers and a host of delicious food trucks, there wasn’t many booths or activities geared toward children and families. The Florissant Knights of Columbus allowed Simple Positive Play to set up a sand art and face painting station. We asked for a suggested donation of $2 but didn’t turn anyone away from the activities. We also collaborated with a Kindermusik instructor who brought parachutes and shaker eggs for kids to play and dance while the musicians on stage performed. We’ve been invited to participate in the Food Truck Knights in 2016.


Florissant Parks & Rec

Simple Positive Play has collaborated with the Florissant Parks and Recreation Department to provide more playful experiences in North County. 

The Florissant Parks and Recreation department has allowed Simple Positive Play to use an underutilized space at their Nature Lodge located in Sunset Park. We were able to offer free drop-in play sessions in August and September of 2015, Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  Additionally, we were able to offer a playdate where we collaborated with the same Kindermusik instructor as the one at the Food Truck Knights to present a day of fun for families at a low cost. Since the collaboration, Florissant Parks and Recreation has opened the opportunity for further work together and has established open playdates of its own.


January-Wabash Park

Simple Positive Play offers open play opportunities for children ages birth-3rd grade every Sundays from 10 am-12:15 pm and 12:45-3 pm. 

Currently, Simple Positive Play is collaborating with Ferguson, Missouri to establish a play space within the community that is full of playful resources. The goal is to have a consistently available free space for educational play for children from birth to third grade. Additionally, Simple Positive Play wants a space for parents to socialize, share and develop ideas for engaging in more playful experiences both inside and outside of the home. The space offered at no cost to families and we're looking to collaborate with other local organizations to maximize what we're able to offer. 

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