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The mission of Simple Positive Play is to help facilitate playful learning experiences for young people and their families while also promoting an engaged and informed community. We do this by collaborating with local organizations who share similar goals so we can maximize access to resources. The establishment of a stronger network of family resources will assist with the social and emotional development of youth in the area in addition to providing opportunities for artistic expression, community socialization and fun.


We are a library designed to challenge the perception of libraries, specifically youth services in public libraries. The idea that we can only learn in the classroom is false. The public library promotes self-guided education motivated by interests. Our goal at Simple Positive Play is to make the pursuit of learning and curiosity easy and pleasurable.


The resources available to our communities are abundant. We recognize the efforts of many organizations that contribute to a more connected community. At Simple Positive Play, we want to raise awareness of these efforts and contribute additional resources that enhance the experience. Our main objective is to help people find the fun in the madness of life and child rearing.


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