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Lincoln School Park

Let's revitalize a historic part of Louisiana, Missouri and promote a healthy community! 

Right along the Mississippi River in northeastern Missouri is the city of Louisiana. I was born and raised in and by this community. This park is what is left of Lincoln School which operated as a school for the black community from 1900-1961. Revitalizing this space would provide more opportunities for young people and families to play safely. It also provides a space for the community to gather, share stories and positively connect with one another.

The pictures to the right represent the play equipment available at Lincoln School Park. Our goal is to work with the city to replace and/or repair equipment as funds are collected.  

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Swing Set

The current swing set has a few missing seats. The goal is to purchase new seats and work with the city to have them safely replaced.

Untitled design (8).png


This piece of equipment has been at this park for several decades. It offers great opportunities for exercise. The goal is to make sure the equipment and the surrounding area around the equipment are well maintained. 

Merry go round.HEIC

Monkey Bars and Slide

There are many children who live in the nearby community and it would be helpful if this structure was larger to accommodate more children at one time.

Monkey Bars.HEIC

Tire Swing

Replacing the tire on the tire swing would be an improvement. 

Tire swing.HEIC


The gym is a popular location for basketball games. In fact, people come from neighboring communities to play each other. The basketball rims and backboards get a lot of use and are in need of replacing.  

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