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Mission Statement:

The mission of Simple Positive Play is to help facilitate playful experiences for young people and their families while also promoting an engaged and informed community. 

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501 North Florissant Road

Ferguson, MO 63135

Interested in helping? E-mail for more information.

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Louisiana, Missouri

Simply Positive Play was first created and Implemented in founder Jennifer Ilardi's hometown of Louisiana, Missouri. More specifically, it started in her parents' driveway. 

Florissant Parks and Rec

Simple Positive Play has collaborated with the Florissant Parks and Recreation Department to provide more playful experiences in North County. 

Florissant Food Truck Knights

Simple Positive Play has helped to provide kid-friendly activities at the Florissant Food Truck Knights.

January-Wabash Park

 Simple Positive Play offers open play opportunities for children ages birth-3rd grade every Sunday from 10-3 pm. We're also open one Wednesday morning and one Thursday evening per month. Check our schedule for upcoming events. 

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