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Q & A


All donations contribute toward developing a collection of playful toys and supplies to promote open-ended play. 

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Will there be a fee for Simple Positive Play?

We want to be accessible as much as possible. Although entry is free, donations will help us to remain open. 

Check out our Amazon Wish List and consider supporting Simple Positive Play through Amazon Smile. 

Why aren't you charging a fee?

We have been able to sustain Simple Positive Play through the help of volunteers. Want to help? Visit our Volunteer page to get started. 

The idea is to see if playful experiences can be supported by people participating and contributing to the organization. Additionally, if services are free, that's less of an excuse not to engage. Not all support is monetary. We're interested in seeing if we can get more communities to value play. 


What is your goal? 

The goal is to see if we can help parents and children become more comfortable with open-ended play. We can learn in ways not dictated by a curricullum. How can we make additional education just simple, positive and playful?

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